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شرکت کارسازه متین

KSM Company

about us

about us

We think so

We value innovation and creativity in solving problems!

We strive to do quality work for the preservation and protection of national capitals, optimal use of natural resources, and environmental protection.

Kar Sazeh Matin Construction Company was established in Tehran in 1377 as a private joint stock company in the private sector by a group of active housing design, construction and implementation specialists in the country and together with its subsidiaries, it has carried out various projects in all parts of the country. This has led to the improvement of the company’s position in the field of financial planning and construction and engineering projects.

Our areas of activity

Compliance with international standards

Compliance with international standards

Kar Sazeh Metin Construction Company has succeeded in carrying out various projects, including residential, office and commercial buildings, in compliance with international standards. Also, Kara Sazeh Metin Company, by creating and developing various factories, including: sand, concrete, blocks, plastofoam, UPVC doors and windows, MDF, building stone, sanitary valves, metal structures, etc. He used his consumables in ongoing projects.

شرکت کارسازه متین

Kar Sazeh Matin works in doing quality work for the preservation and protection of national capitals, the optimal use of natural resources and the preservation of the environment , and considers the reputation and trust resulting from adherence to commitments in the service path as its greatest asset.


Company vision

Kar Saze Matin

Kar Sazeh Metin Construction Company is a vibrant company in providing outstanding services and exceptional quality. We strive to meet the specific needs of customers by providing innovative ideas and solutions.

Our effort is to provide general contracting services, project management, construction management, according to the needs of customers in the best possible way.


Company mission

Kar Saze Matin

Kar Sazeh Matin's work intends to become a main element in its work field in today's world by carrying out useful projects for the future work world and harmonizing new technology and valuable experience and application.

Kar Sazeh Matin work intends to become a main element in its field of work in the future by playing a global constructive role in residential and commercial construction projects in accordance with technical and engineering principles, coordination of new technology, experience and valuable application. become today’s world.

Ethics fundamental

Kar Saze Matin

Committed to preserving the environment life

We perform our services based on quality, budget and timeliness and treat our customers, buyers and employees with total respect.

We guarantee the health and safety of each person in the workplace and we value innovative thinking and creativity in solving problems.

Message from head manger

Doing the impossible

is our slogan

Kar Sazeh Metin Company started working in 1377 with the vision of playing a global role in the construction industry. The choice of this name expresses our thinking and approach in this profession, and in this direction, with the aim of being a pioneer, we have been working in the field of residential and commercial construction as well as industrial and infrastructure projects until today.

The work of Sazeh Matin, in sync with the needs of customers, uses all the latest infrastructure technologies and common engineering trends to provide the best quality with the optimal use of facilities and compliance with global standards, and as a result, plays a significant role in economic growth.

By employing expert and experienced engineers in all fields of the construction industry full-time and very carefully, Sazeh Matin supervises the progress of the projects as well as their quality and efficiency, which leads to the complete satisfaction of the customers with the final results of the projects.

Since doing the impossible is our slogan, every new challenge in the project process is another test that makes us more proficient in achieving our goals, and in fact, the end of each project is the beginning of another useful and committed partnership with our customers.

In the end, I would like to thank the various groups of the company, customers, suppliers of raw materials and our colleagues in banking affairs who have played an important role in the progress of the company.

If we compare the construction to the battlefield, surely the work of the solid structure will be the winner of this battle.

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