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شرکت کارسازه متین

We build the future

We build the future The best idea, the best solution, the best result

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We value innovation and creativity in solving problems!

We strive to do quality work for the preservation and protection of national capitals, optimal use of natural resources, and environmental protection.

Karsazeh Metin Company was established in Tehran in 1377 as a private joint-stock company in the private sector by a group of experts in the design, construction and implementation of active housing within the country, and together with its subsidiaries, it has implemented various projects in all parts of the country. has done

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      By employing expert and experienced engineers in all fields of the construction industry, we monitor the progress of the projects as well as their quality and efficiency full-time and very carefully, which makes customers completely satisfied with the final results of the projects.


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Since doing the impossible is our slogan, every new challenge in the project process is another test that makes us more proficient in achieving our goals, and in fact, the end of each project is the beginning of another useful and committed partnership with our customers.

Karsazeh Metin has built and operated many projects over the years. Among these projects, we can mention 12 projects of Imam Ali (AS), residential projects in Tehran’s 22nd district, and dozens of commercial and administrative projects. pointed out across the country.

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